And So It Begins: Von Volkova


Photo by Veronika von Volkova

A few months back I emailed Mike telling him I wouldn’t be doing anymore fully nude modeling.  That was a semi-lie as I have one more shoot coming up in October, but it was one that was promised many moons ago. I felt like that aspect of my life was over and it was time to start a new path.

"So what does that mean for Lie & Indite?” He asked me.

"We can still do it, we just have to be more creative."

"I can deal with that.  It makes it more interesting."

A few weeks later I was a bit restless and wanted a photographer for an impromptu shoot in a secret garden.  I had been talking with Canadian photographer and friend Veronika von Volkova about Lie & Indite for a few days and she messaged me right away.

"Oh I’d love to shoot this.  Just out of curiosity I’m going to check train tickets."

Two minutes later she had messaged me again.  Tickets were cheap and she was willing to come. “Book it!” I wrote. A few days later she was at my house.

I had no plan for this shoot.  All I knew is that I wanted to shoot it in the secret garden.  Veronika and I woke up that morning, threw a bunch of random things into various bags and headed over to the garden.  I had another shoot planned before Lie & Indite.  Another impromptu shoot, that one Gypsy inspired.  We took over the garden and began.  We did six photo shoots in one day.  I was covered in mulberries, dirt, and ink by the end of it.

This shoot is different from the last, as each one after this will be as well.  We’ve also decided to write a little less for these posts so that you can enjoy the art more.  This project has turned out to be more than just words on flesh, it’s also become a love letter of sorts to New York City, a place I have called home now for fourteen years.  Mike and I were interviewed by my good friends at Eight Cuts about it.  You can read the interview here.  And now we bring you round two: Von Volkova.

x to the o,



Photo by Veronika von Volkova